What is brain fog

Brain Fog - the blank space in your mind and how to fight it.

By Vive Think Drinks

What is brain fog

Brain fog - it can cramp your creativity, freeze your flow and pause any productivity. So what is it? Why does it happen? And, how can we shake it?

What is brain fog? 

Brain fog - often characterised by a feeling of fuzziness - is a temporary condition that makes it difficult to concentrate, retain or recall information and effectively complete tasks. In short, it’s a lack of focus and mental clarity which can affect mental and physical performance.

Whilst clinically it can be referred to as “cognitive impairment”, the feeling of  cloudiness and confusion associated with brain fog can cause memory problems, delay reaction times, weaken decision-making processes, worsen mood, create irritability, and generally cloud normal mental clarity, holding us back from getting the most out of every day. 


So, what causes it?

Studies into the condition point to a number of lifestyle factors. Although it may also be linked to more serious, underlying health conditions, the common and temporary brain fog we're referring to is mostly blamed on lack of sleep, increased levels of stress and anxiety, depression, nutrient deficiencies due to diet, as well as physical inactivity.

Ironically, its very existence can result in more stress mounting. As the day slips away, guilt starts to set in when we find ourselves struggling to find focus to complete a never-ending to-do list. In turn, we end up pushing ourselves to stay back longer or cram as much as we can. But cutting into rest and recovery is counter-intuitive, as it's crucial to give the mind and body adequate recovery to reset and refresh instead of fuelling the brain fog cycle. 


Okay then, how do we fight it?

If you're fighting the fog and need to boost mental clarity, taking a break can help through a few minutes of meditation, a short nap or even getting outdoors. Sometimes this isn't always possible though, which is where natural nootropics like those found in vive can support; proven to enhance cognitive functions such as focus, memory and mood whilst reducing feelings of stress. Vive's natural nootropic ingredients help you refocus, rebalance and revive, without the sugar spike found in alternative energy-inducing drinks.

But what about future prevention? It all comes down to a harmonious body and mind, fuelled by rest and general wellbeing. Instead of working late, put the laptop and phone away, and try to wind down an hour before bed before getting in an 8-hour sleep. Staying active and moving your body daily is also key, even a short 10-minute stroll or light stretching and yoga helps boost your mood and boost cognitive function. Plus, with a healthy diet rich in antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids, we can tackle the causes of brain fog from all angles. 

Now we know what it is, why it happens and how we can combat it, we can mitigate the causes of brain fog. And for those times we do feel a fight with the fog coming, vive is an easy quick-fix to keep you firing from all cylinders. 


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